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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

North West Kent FHS Latest Newsletter

Want to know what is happening in the Kent and South East London area, its on the latest Newsletter.

See http://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/nwk-newsletter-jun-2016.pdf  link.
Enjoy the events and happenings.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

NWKFHS workshops at the Library

List of Workshops run by the Library 2016

To book send email to workshop.booking@nwkfhs.org.uk quoting your membership number.
54 - April 20th 2016  :- “An Investigation into the Records Available to Research the Lives of 19th Century Soldiers” :-  Today even the less fortunate members of society enjoy benefits that would have been unheard of during the C19th.  Is it therefore any wonder that the Recruiting Sergeant in his smart red coat with shiny buttons was able to persuade the impoverished country labourer to take the “King’s Shilling” and enjoy good food, foreign travel and adventure?  The reality was in fact quite different as the volunteer would find out! - Barry Langridge        
 54A – April 27th 2016 :- “An Introduction to Family Historian - A Genealogy and Family Tree Software Computer Program” :- This workshop will provide an overview of this UK program. Content will include preferences, data entry, importing data from other programs, as well as introducing diagrams, reports and the adding of photos. It will also cover the method of recording sources and their respective citations. Aimed at beginners. - Brian Kirk           

 55 – May 18th 2016  :- “The 1939 Register” :– The Register can be used as a census substitute but, unlike other census', it is not a snapshot in time but an evolving document which continued to be updated for some years after WW2.  We will examine what it contains and discuss any problems you may have encountered when using it. - Christine Hills      
55A – May 25th 2016 :- Your Society Needs YOU :- Transcribing, Checking and Editing of Society Publications”.  A workshop for volunteers interested in becoming transcribers, checkers and editors. Additional volunteers are needed to help with the production of new publications from original documents. Join this workshop to find out how you can help. - Barbara Phillips       

56 - June 15th 2016 :- The Poor are always with us” :- A Workshop on Poor Laws and Settlement. A guide on how and why our ancestors may have been touched by these records, where to find them and how to interpret them - Jean Stirk  

57 – July 20th 2016 :-   “300 Years of Taxes before 1700” :-  A workshop aimed at finding and using the records in The National Archives.  The database to E179 is the index to places, and can identify which original records include names and dates. These are essential in confirming your research and expanding the knowledge of your ancestors especially before parish registers. - Joyce Hoad

58 – August 17th 2016 :- Your Family in History - A Timeline” :- A guide through history (1538-1914) briefly highlighting events and their effects on your ancestors lives. This is more in the form of a discussion group so that you can introduce events that affected YOUR ancestors. - Hilary Waters
59 – September 28th 2016 :- “An Introduction to Family Historian - A Genealogy and Family Tree Software Computer Program” :- This workshop will provide an overview of this UK program. Content will include preferences, data entry, importing data from other programs, as well as introducing diagrams, reports and the adding of photos. It will also cover the method of recording sources and their respective citations. Aimed at beginners. - Brian Kirk – This is a repeat of the workshop first held in April 2016

60 – October 19th 2016 :- “ Writing Family Histories” :-  This led- discussion group will not tell you how to write or even how to write up your family history but will help you to think widely about communicating you research to your chosen audience.  Pauline is not an expert at family history research but enjoys words, attends a creative writing group and edits our journal.  It would be helpful to bring a simple family tree of three generations or more, hand sketched is fine, and a timeline of events from the life of one of your ancestors. - Pauline Heathcote – This is a repeat of the workshop first held in November 2015

 61 – November 16th 2016 :- “ Brick Walls - Thinking Outside the Box – Mind Maps and other Methods” :- This workshop will try and suggest methods of thinking about how to overcome those ‘brick walls’ that every family historian meets.  It will use the attendees own stumbling blocks to discuss sources and how to set out the known facts and suggest research to help solve the problem.  Attendees' submitted brick walls will be used as case studies. - David Cufley – This is a repeat of the workshop held in March 2015

 There will be no workshop in December

Thank you to all leaders and attendees for 2016

Watch this space for 2017 workshops!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

NWKFHS open day including the AGM

On Thursday 7th April NWKFHS had its annual open day and AGM, this year at Cobham Hall, Cobham, Kent.
David Cufley, President of the Society opened the day by welcoming the members. Photo left by David Turner.

The one sad moment was that the outgoing Chair Walter Eves was unable to attend due to ill health. This was the first annual meeting he had missed in 17 years, the last 15 years as Chair.

The day started with a talk by Maureen Clayton called 'Revolting English' tales of civil unrest from the 14th century to modern times.
After the Talk the President thanked Maureen for her talk and admitted our freedom of speech has lead the English to disagree with both our Kings and our Parliament and not always at the same time.

A great day was had by all and we have now elected a new Chair Tony Codling and new Secretary Stella Eames. The Committee is made up by Mike Weeks (Vice Chair), Pat Gooding (Treasurer), Janet Rose, Barbara Attwaters, Barbara Philips, Fran Rogers who were all re-elected. Our best wishes go to them  for a successful year.

If you see Tony at our meetings go and talk to him so that learns what the members want of the Society. He will be leading a new Society Committee who have some exciting ideas that will benefit all members whether they are local, out of area or overseas.

The afternoon sessions were a choice of either A guided talk around Cobham Village lead by Christophe Bull a local historian or a talk by Sylvia Hammond, the principal guide at Cobham Hall, on 'The Lords of Cobham Hall and their families'.

The day ended with afternoon tea and a selection of cakes and pastries giving members the chance to talk to old friends and new friends met during the day.
     Photo of Tony Codling by Hilary Waters.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

NWKFHS is lucky with its members

I'm surprised by the number of members of our society who have written books about the local area, trades and their families. From WW1 to deer parks, Villages (Igtham) to Watermen and Football clubs, its an amazing range of topics.

Now Sarah Ingle has written 'William Ince, cabinet maker 1737-1804, his life and ancestry. As some one who has cabinet-makers in the family I look forward to reading Sarah's book. My family did not warrant an entry in 'London Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 by Sir Ambrose Heal reprinted and published in 1988 by Portman books but Sarah's gets a large entry (p95).

William Ince was in partnership with John Mayhew at Marshall Street and Broad Street. John Mayhew was the grandfather of Henry Mayhew the author of 'London Labour, London Poor'.

Most families have interesting stories about the events, occupations and places their ancestors were involved in. Our Journal is the place to record these happens with an article, if you don't feel up to writing a book.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Sevenoaks Railway Camps

Its amazing what areas family historians venture when ancestor hunting.
One of our members asked about the temporary camps set up to house the navvies working on the railway in the Sevenoaks area.

The answer to the query is given in 'Sevenoaks, an historical Dictionary' compiled by David Killingray and Elizabeth Purves and published in 2012 by Phillimore & Co Ltd for Sevenoaks Historical Society.
The railway lines were built:-

Line through Dunton Green to Tubbs Hill 1868.

Line through Otford to Bat and Ball 1862 and was extended to Tubs Hill in 1869.

 The ‘Sevenoaks, A historical dictionary’ says the railway camps were moving camps.

The Polhill tunnel is 1 mile 850 yards long was built through chalk under the north downs. The workers camp was at Bogs Island, Dunton Green.
The Sevenoaks tunnel 1 mile 1691 yards long runs under the Kippington estate  through the greensand ridge. More difficult to cut it was built in 1863. The workers were housed in huts at White Hart Wood. The line was fully opened in 1869.
The family for whom the query arose was living in the Vines area in c1865, is just north of Sevenoaks at the Junction of Dartford Road and Seal Hollow. See modern map, it has ‘The Vines’ cricket ground and just north of it Vines Lodge.

 Its lucky for us books of this type are written by the local history societies and their members.

Friday, 8 January 2016

24th February 2016 Open day in NWKFHS Library and Resource Centre

On Wednesday it was confirmed there will be an open day showing-off the facilities and services available at the NWKFHS Society Library and Resource Centre.
Let us know if you are coming by emailing to workshops.booking@nwkfhs.org.uk or library@nwkfhs.org.uk
Free light refreshments will be available during the day.
Make sure you tell us you are coming if you want a guided explanation of the finding aids available.
Challenge our volunteers by thinking of a question that if answered will give you help with the background to your ancestors.
Looking forward to meeting you on the 24th February 2016 between 10.00 to 16.00

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Is Deptford in Kent or Surrey?

Today the question about Deptford and its parish registers was raised. For people who do not know the area it is difficult to understand changing civil and church boundaries and parishes like Deptford don't help with that understanding.
In the case of Deptford it was in part in Kent and the rest in Surrey.
West Kent Sources produced by North Kent FHS says 'Deptford ancient parish extended into Surrey. This part known as Hatcham became part of St Paul's in 1730 and a separate ecclesiastic parish in 1845.
The query arose for a record in 1770. In that case you need to look at all the parish registers as people moved across the boundaries.

St Nicholas parish registers from 1571 are at the LMA. Index only 1717-1769 at SOG.
St Paul's parish registers from 1730 are at the LMA.
The other parishes St John, Christ Church, St Luke, St Mark and Emmanuel are all 19th century churches and parishes.

Hope that helps anyone researching in that part of Kent. Local knowledge from family history societies is invaluable in situations such as this.